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CI Gear Pumps

  • For Transferr Of Oils Viscous Liquids
  • Size ½” to 3” BSP Connection. Capacity : 5LPM to 500 LPM
  • Pressure : up to 10 kg /cm2 M.O.C :All CI/SS,C5,GM
  • Bronze ,SS-316 ETC. Max Temp:Up to 200 C
  • Our Brand GBCC Series Positive displacement external Rotary Gear Pumps are most efficient and economic range withh variety of materials, which has special features and easy to maintain.The pumps are ideal for handling of Oils and Viscous liquids like all kinds of fuel Oils,Mineral oil, Lubricating Oils, Fish & animal Oils,Vegetable Oils,Tar, Asphaltants, Sugar Syrups, Molasses,Starch.Inks, Paints, Colour, varnishes And Viscous Chemicals Etc.

    The pumps can be supplied as a complete assembly with Electric Drives,Base Plate and accessories.